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The town of Vis is situated in a large, naturally protected bay (Bay St. George) on the north side of the island, facing the island of Hvar and Dalmatian mainland. Vis port is located in the most indented part of the southwestern gulf, which is protected from the effects of the high seas by a small island Host and peninsula Prirovo protect. Within the gulf there are smaller areas of Kut and Stonca.

The belt of high mountains (250-300 m) separates the town from the fertile fields in the interior of the island (Dračevo and Velo Polje), which constituted the basis of economic development (vineyards).

To the area of the city belongs south and southeast coast of the island with plenty of bays (Milna, Rukavac, Silver, Stiniva, Stončica, Ruda etc.) and islets Budihovac and Ravnik, which have great tourism potential.


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